Jaybird earbuds failing due to sweat. I have a possible fix!



  • Engelbert

    Hi JU965913,


    Thank you for your sharing your suggestion that helped fixed your concern with the Jaybird X2 and Jaybird Freedom.


    It is true that the suggestion will void the warranty as we do not recommend it but it's great that you provided a disclaimer to other users about it so they'll be reminded that it's their decision to try what you did.


    Nevertheless, I will have your post forwarded to the appropriate team here in Jaybird for them to check and review the details of your suggestion.


    Warm regards,


  • JU965913

    As promised, an update on the distilled water "fix" for sweaty Jaybirds.

    Two days after restoring function to an X2 and two Freedoms by washing control pad with distilled water. How is it working?


    X2. First pair to fail after using for about 8 months during workouts. The started acting very strange, would turn on and off randomly on their own, sometimes failed to connect, sometimes would butt dial my (ex)friends. Fixed these by washing the control pad in distilled water. After two days of heavy use, they still work perfectly.


    Freedom pair #1. This may have been due to a faulty wire, buds had been intermittent and would sometimes come on again by wiggling the wire at one earbud end. This behavior returned after a days use, and these Freedoms are now non functional again.


    Freedom pair #2. These first failed after a particularly sweaty workout. Would not come on and the charge light flashed red when plugged in. Washed the control pad in distilled water and after drying they worked perfectly again. For two days. Then after another workout they failed again. This time washing in water has, so far, not helped.


    I'm echoing the warning by Egie. This procedure will void the warranty, try at your own risk. Added worry, the control pad for the Freedom is where the battery is, so dunking this in even distilled water may be stupid and dangerous. After initial promise, has not been sure fire fix for me. Bottom line, don't use Freedoms for workout if you plan to sweat.



  • logiceighty5

    Im having a similar problem right now with my X3's and it was a problem i had with my old jaybirds a few years ago. I do sweat a lot too so when i saw the promo video with all the athletes and all that sweat i was sold. Not even two months later and they have started to fail. Electronics and sweat are not a good combination. I followed a similar fix to yours but instead of distilled water I tested with alcohol. A few drops and some heaving swishing did the trick and now they turn on as they should (it required them to be plugged in to jump start them and the light would always stay on causing the battery to drain). I did take it one step further though, i've added a piece of tape on top of the controls so water doesn't get in. It's a temporary one for now but anything to prevent sweat getting inside.




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