my right ear bud stopped working after full charge



  • Engelbert

    Hi dmill,


    I'm sad that one side of your Jaybird Freedom stopped working before you were able to use on your workout session. Try a factory reset that can help fix this:


    1. Turn headphones off.

    2. Put headphones into Pairing mode by holding the middle button for 6-8 seconds until it says "Searching for your Music Device" and the headphones to flash red and green.

    3. Once in Pairing Mode, push the middle button twice and wait for the lights to flash red and turn off. 

    4. Delete or "Forget" the headset profile from the Bluetooth list of the mobile device. 

    5. Put headphones back into pairing mode and connect them to your device. 

    6. Test the headset afterwards.


    A firmware update can also do the trick. You can download the firmware update assistant at then follow the instructions provided.


    Hope this helps.


    Warm regards,


  • Tommy541
    Must be a defect. I'm on my 3rd pair in less than a year.
  • stardrew

    I'm having the same problem too. I just got my replacement jaybird freedoms, and they have the same problem...I've tried all the suggestions above with no luck. It also doesn't matter if I change devices.


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