Removing/Dimming Voice Prompts



  • Engelbert

    Hi JoshMoncino,


    It's sad to hear that the voice prompts of the Jaybird headset did not meet your expectations. Unfortunately, there's currently no option via hardware of the headset or the app that can disable or change the voice prompts.


    However, I will forward your thoughts and insights to the appropriate team here in Jaybird so that they can have it reviewed and check if the option can be included on future updates.


    Warm regards,


  • JoshMoncino
    Perfect, thanks Egie!
  • chim

    Egie,  Trust me this is a major problem for your product.  If I had known how annoying and loud the voice prompts were I wouldn't have purchased this product.   Also,  I can not in good conscience recommend these to anyone.   They are very annoying and dangerously loud.   Please fix this problem.   I should have just gotten the Bose.   Ugh.  Proceeding to my social media accounts and various forums to warn people about this model and 'feature'.  

  • Cate
    Hi. Just bought these earbuds on Wednesday. To my way of thinking, they are expensive ($200.00 Canadian, plus taxes). I bought them to replace my old buds which died. I use the for 2 reasons: to listen to music before sleeping so I don't disturb my husband, and for meditation. With the LOUD voice prompts sounding every 3-4 minutes last night I was thinking seriously bad thoughts about this product. I must have jump several inches each time the voice roared, telling g me I was connected. Please, please, please find a way to fix this issue!
  • exus18

    Voice prompts are terrible, definitely not recommending. Have had 3 different jaybird products and will definitely look for something else next time. Poor design overall.

  • harmsdesign
    Seriously… I am going to have to stop using them. "BATTERY 20%" out of nowhere makes me jump out of my skin!
  • JB753820

    Hello. I wanted to ping in here as well and add another tally mark to this issue. The voice prompts really are terrifyingly loud.


    A product this expensive should have the technical/hardware support to combat this issue. Is there a software/hardware update the company can release? How difficult is it to lower the volume of these voice prompts?  Your company did everything else so well for these headphones, why are we letting something this simple and little be the reason you are losing current and new customers. Jaybirds or Apple Pods? I would sadly have to tell the next person Apple pods. Let's not let Apple take all the business....

  • PG212747

    Welcome music, prompts and button notifications are indeed way too loud. It's not safe for our ears, neither comfortable. It was barely supportable with the X2.

    If I had the opportunity to try them or known about it, I wouldn't have purchased this product, and can't currently recommend them.

    Please Jaybird, allows your customers to select how loud they want this ! Thank you.

  • MI474370

    Hi Egie,


    It is nice to see that our concerns are being heard. Nonetheless, I am wondering why you still have to forward the suggestion judging that the issue has been known for a long time? See for example one of the messages that can be found on this forum below:



    beau @jonfisher378 We are currently working on an update to change the voice prompt volume. Thank you for bringing that up, in the mean time I just suggest using the LED lights to indicate that power prompts. The Green light indicates the power on and the Red LED indicates power off. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

    • January 5, 2017 at 8:58 PM



    Is there going to be a fix or not?

  • HL147105

    I'm so fed up with the "Headphones Connected!" prompt constantly popping up whenever I'm using multipoint and I go in and out of range. It's annoying, it's loud (much louder than the audio I'm currently playing), and worse, it has no respect for the fact that I'm currently listening to something.


    Unless it's fixed soon, I have a very low opinion of Jaybird at the moment and would not likely be purchasing Jaybird in the future.

  • HL147105

    Jaybird isn't even that big of a company! Why does it take so long to roll out an update? People have been complaining about the SAME issue for months! It's acting like the government or some big bureaucracy.

  • emmakaylyn

    They can't fix it. It's a hardware issue. I posted screenshots of a support conversation I had in another thread, my post is dated 12/26/2017



    Get rid of these headphones, I returned mine. They'll never ever be fixed.

  • rrajjuri

    Really disappointing.. Apple earpods and Beats have much lower sound quality, Bose does not have as clean of a wireless design.. JayBird could have taken this market but these beats are terrifying - especially when listening for relaxing, working in flow, meditating.. they've seriously given me PTSD. I bet their churn is absurd.


    Marshall is your best alternative. JayBird had my business (for earbuds, kept my Marshall headphones) but I'm going exclusively to Marshall.


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