Jaybird Headphones are HORRIBLE



  • Engelbert

    Hi Samrowe340,


    I'm sad to hear your experience and issues with the Jaybird Freedom. Let me check your support ticket here in our end and request the support team handling it to provide you an update.


    Also, we greatly appreciate your feedback and we'll be sure to forward it to the appropriate team here in Jaybird.


    Warm regards,


  • Samrowe340

    Can you please contact me? I keep hearing from Christine who is not helpful.  I received a replacement pair Freedom headphones that failed after 3 months.  Again, I don't even use them often maybe 3 days per week.  A customer should not have to do this considering these message boards are filled with the same Power/Light failing issue!  This is obviously a hardware defect that has not been corrected across the product generations.  

  • Tom_Luxton

    Yep couldn't agree more. I've gone through almost all models now. They are great earphones ..apart from the fact they ALWAYS run into this battery issue. I don't understand how this keeps happening with each new model either.. there is also no real idea just how many people are effected by this issue. And I have had nothing but pain! from Jayrbird Support when trying to replace, my current case is estimated as a 4 month turnaround time to get replacement earphones which is ridiculous. I have wasted way too much money and time on these earphones, highly recommend people to STAY AWAY from Jaybird all together. I'm not buying from them again.


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