Ear Tips Falling Off



  • Engelbert

    Hi LiamMacDoanld,


    Thank you for your feedback with our Jaybird headset. I'm sad to hear that you are experiencing issues with the comply foam ear tips. Here are some fitment tips below to help find the best fit.


    Try all sizes of foam tips, we recommend trying the largest first then squish them down for 10 seconds, insert in ear and then hold in place for another 10 seconds till the foam expands and creates a seal. Try this with and without all the fins. 


    Also try the over the ear (Xfit) also the under the ear fit. If you have not there is a fit video online as well. Mess around with them and you should be able to find a good fit. 


    Hope this helps.


    Warm regards,


  • Ethan819
    @Engelbert Bautista  - I think he meant the eartips were coming off of the headset, not falling out of his ears. I have the same problem.
  • Alias12345

    I'm having the same problem. Heart is broken trying to keep track of the things.


    Egie: we're talking about the fins and buds staying on the actual ear piece; not how to find the best fit for your ear!!!!!!!

  • Brian Roche

    I'm having the exact same issue.  Just had to purchase replacement ear tips because I keep losing them.  What's the story?  I'm really disappointed.  I love these, they are a huge upgrade from the X2s but this is so frustrating.

  • Schaf1
    So, back to the original question...I have been using the X3's with the foam tips for about 6 mos. with no issues. All of a sudden both earbud tips are coming off the headset and getting stuck I my ears as I remove the headset. Can't figure out why this would start happening all of a sudden. Maybe sweat getting in between? Anyone have a suggestion as to how to treat/fix this?
  • joshuaong
    I'm going to bypass nice formalities and just go on to say the earbuds are the worst designed component in a $200 product I have ever experienced. Come on Jaybird, couldn't you have designed something better? I worry that the buds fall off everytime I take it off, in the car, outside in the dark or on the bus. I would have expected to have a pair of quality earphones that I don't ever have to worry about when putting them on or taking them off. Incredibly disappointing. @Engelbert Bautista hoping a reasonable response for this.
  • Alias12345

    Mine are actually getting progressively worse.

    The bud now stays in my ear when I try to take them out.

    Seriously Jaybird, what's the answer??? Mine were only purchased in December 2015 so not even 2 years old. I would have expected to get more than 18 months from a pair of €190 earphones!!!!!! @Engelbert Bautista 

  • Katy

    @Engelbert Bautista and all - I have been having this same problem with replacement ear tips I bought from Amazon. Now, whenever the buds move/fall out, my sprints un-pair from my phone and power off. Any help on this?

  • earbuddy

    Yesterday this happened to me when gently pulling to take them out the silicone tip fell off and landed in another dimension. Having used them for only a month.


    A working solution I found when back home is to very gently rinse both the metal part and the inner part of the tip with very diluted dish-wash soap on a piece of paper. Just to remove any grease, both from production and probably ear wax. Then dry both parts with household paper and now they will stick much better together.


    The system Jaybird uses for their tips seem to rely heavily on friction and if the surfaces get even a tiny bit greasy they wont hold together at all. Testing was probably done with brand new products for short periods of time whenever real world tested. Which is kind of dumb for a third iteration of a really good product, but hey who am I to judge people who get payed to make sure these things doesn't happen.

  • jt279311

    I'm constantly digging the foam tip out of my ear. sucks.

  • FF190967

    This has always been an issue on the Jaybird earbuds. I've had the X, X2, and Freedoms. They all have had a slight issue with this. The issue is the tips. I normally end up just getting a new packet of them. Another option is to take some sandpaper to where they grab onto the earbud. Roughs it up a bit and they last a little longer.


    It is crappy that they haven't fixed the issue. All it would take is a bump under the eartip to make it tighter... I would assume.

  • JP144288
    I'm thinking about using a drop of super glue. I have 2 pair of Jaybird Freedom and at times I wonder why. Maybe if they had lifetime tip replacement with free shipment.
  • SC119980

    Same issue with X3s purchased about 6 months ago - So now that we know the ear tips don't actually stick to the device, does anyone have any good recommendations for 3rd party replacement tips?

    I don't want to order Jaybird ones because I'm worried I'd just have the same problem. It's unfortunate because the sound is great with the OEM tips.?

  • Amighty

    Get the Comply Foam tips in size 500, they are a tiny bit smaller than the Jaybird custom tips (in the center) and almost never fall off. They're actually a bit of a struggle to get on, but after that they are locked on. I like the Tsx-500, they last a couple of months per set.

  • Schaf1

    OK, so update from my previous post... It was not until I put new foam bud-tips on that things seemed to improve. Got about another month of wear with no issues...then, the same thing...tips stuck in my ear! (I now keep tweezers in my workout bag just in case...uggg.) I read the post on super-glue, but thought that might be a bit risky to the product. Along the same lines though I went with double stick tape (something that can later be easily peeled off). I'm a month in and still so far so good. My guess is it will eventually wear off with sweat contact and I'll have to start over. Fingers crossed... 

  • Lamoro

    i have this issue too now, however i did not have it with my previous x3s which were returned. but do have it with the brand new one. it is now beyond my partience to stay with jaybird. i will return these now.

  • Fj153626

    I had the same issue. Yesterday i washed the ear tips with hot water and soap, and afterwards they got much better. They no longer seem to fall off when i take the airbuds out of my ear. I recommend you try this out.

  • CS320679

    I have very much the same issue with my X3's (less than 3 months old). I'm using the silicone tips and like others here I have the earphones fall off, leaving one of the tips in my ear (typically the one on the heavier remote side).


    I think I have figured out the pattern; it's to do with heat and maybe moisture caused by sweat (it's summer here in Europe); so I'll typically be able to wear the earphones for maybe an hour or so before this starts happening. I'm just sitting at a café and working on my laptop so it's not caused by movement; it's the second day it's happened in a row.


    When they get in this state, it's not even worth trying to refit the tips; I've made a video that shows what happens (the tips kind of pull off by themselves) but I can't post it as only still images are supported...


    I'd like Jaybird to acknowledge the issue and start working on a solution... I've used Plantronics backbeat-go's for several years before the X3's and those weren't affected by this kind of issue.

  • CH091505

    Silicone earbuds fall off easily / stick in my ear

    Hi, Ive had Jaybird X3's since they came out and recently I noticed that the silicone ear tips are losing their grip when attached to the metal part of the earbud. Basically when Im done listening I pull out the earbuds but the silicone ear tips don't stay connected with the earbuds and have to pick them out from my ears.


    It started to get worse and noticed the ear tips would easily detach when in my pocket or bag. I have to be super delicate and careful with them now. 


    It has come to the point where the earbud just falls off, leaving the silicone ear pieces stuck in my ear. Even just from walking to work. I'm tempted to put superglue on the metal but I'm hesitant just in case I want to switch them out. 


    Disappointing because I love the sound quality on the x3s



    I posted the above issue yesterday regarding the silicone tips, but I'm also having a similar issue stated in this thread with the foam tips :(




  • AC221730

    I have lost one of my silicone tips due to this problem. Very annoying!

  • AC150746
    I bought my Jaybird X3 earphones a week ago for my workout. Everytime I take off the headphones, the silicone ear tips will stuck in my ears. I thought I should try the cushion ear tips but I still prefer the silicone as my ears hurt after while wearing the cushion ear tips. Yesterday when I took out the earphones from my gym bag, I realised that one of the silicone ear tips is gone. Must have dropped after my workout on Monday. I read some of the posts from other buyers, seems like this is a common issues. Can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement for the silicone ear tips? Regards,
  • tokksic

    I've had my Jaybrid X3 headphones since Christmas, when I was given them as a gift. I have used the same tips on the headphones- the silicone tips, plus the wings. Just last week, after a workout, I took off the headphones and noticed the tips were not on the headphones anymore. They were stuck in my ears. I thought this was odd, but figured they may have slid off. I removed the tips from my ears and pushed them entirely on the metal portion of the ear bud.


    Fast forward to next workout. Same issue. And the next time, the tips fell OFF the headphones when I was removing them from my gym bag.


    The issue is that the white silicone part that connects to the ear bud appears to get stretched out, and since it's silicone, it does not reform back to it's original shape, causing the tips to not fully secure to the ear bud.


    For as much money as these cost, it's a shame this occurs, because these replaced a cheap set I had and it never had this issue. Please revise this problem- release new tips if you have to, I will purchase them. Sooner or later I will lose one of the tips since they keep falling off the ear bud, so I'll need to buy replacements anyways, and I don't want this problem to repeat itself.


    STILL HAVE THIS PROBLEM! The above was my post on a different thread.

  • paulbpaulb

    After wearing the X3 ear buds for several months the ear tips do not stay attached to the ear buds. This is a very annoying problem! I am tired of loosing ear tips secondary to them not properly adhering to the metal post on the ear buds. In addition, my ears are getting sore from the constant digging in the ear canal to retrieve an ear tip! This is occurring with both the silicone and foam ear tips in all sizes. And I do utilize the wings and i have been very diligent in keeping them dry and clean. This is so very disappointing after spending the extra money on a "quality" pair of ear buds!

  • CS320679

    Hi all I've got a breakthrough to report: on my pair, there was a rubber inner-sleeve between the metallic poles/speakers and the ear tip. I found that the ear tip holds significantly better after removing these (I use the large silicon tips). YMMV but it's definitely worth a try if, like mine, your X3's have become near useless due to ear tips falling off/getting stuck in your ears...


    It's still baffling that Jaybird won't acknowledge this fundamental flaw...

  • paulbpaulb
    They sent me a new pair of silicone ear tips... after wearing them for several days working out at the gym, same problems. It's a fundamental design flaw? A graduated, step down cone shaped metal post that invites a loose fit
  • CS320679

    Agree it looks like a fundamental design flaw! That said, did you try taking off the inner rubber sleeve? It made a big difference on mine: no more stuck ear tips (admittedly it's only been a day but previously they were absolutely unusable).


    I shot a video which shows the tips coming off by themselves after I try to push them in; perhaps I should post it as an Amazon review (which is where I bought them) to try to provoke some acknowledgement of the issue...


    It's a shame because aside from this, I really like my X3's. But what good are the best earphones if they just come apart like this.

  • andrew6969

    i have the same exact problem...it wasnt until recently they started to lose grip and get stuck in my ear after using them at the gym. it was just last night i went to the gym at night and noticed i lost a silicon ear bud when i got in the gym. mustve dropped in the parking lot somewhere, but this is a flaw jaybird needs to fix along with the right bud not working. i've only had the freedoms for less than a year. you would expect when you pay $200 for a quality wireless earphone it would be more durable for what they advertise.

  • LeynTan

    I tried using white glue but they won't stay either. Cleaned the ear tips with soap as suggested too and it didn't work either.

    Believing its a frictional grip issue between the ear tips and the metal tips, i tried to improve the friction between the 2 surfaces. Could also be that somehow, the rubber ear tips expanded overtime, causing the grip to be less than sufficient.

    Contrary to CS320679, I placed a thin rubber tape (plumber's tape / teflon tape) onto the metal tip and pop the rubber ear tips back on after. Seems to have resolve the issue. 3 months now and my rubber ear tips hasn't fell out on its own since. Even when I tug it out of my messy bag, no worries of them dropping off and losing them.

    Hope this may be helpful.

  • shawqi

    i'm having the same problem with my X3 this is unacceptable , i have waited months till this model was available in Europe and now this , i expected more from a 129 euros earphones .

    it is obsessively a design flaw and a safety hazard!


    adding to that recently the android app is reporting a completely different battery level than the level announced when powering on the earphones

  • ntomita

    It's surprising that they haven't fixed this issue. I use X2 and was considering to switch to X3 if the problem has resolved but it seems too early to make such decision. Taking out earbud from my ear hole is very annoying and embarrassing especially when with my friends. It might have given a terrible impression that my ear hole is dirty, which I believe is not.

    Although I would like to know more tips from other users to overcome the issue, I'm reluctant to use it. I just don't want to waste it. I'm not happy with the product and don't recommend to my friend to buy.

    I still believe the company should appreciate their users and give a solid solution for this issue other than "wash it".


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