Freedom 2 charging clip is out of stock. Where can you pick up another clip if not with manufacturer?



  • respa

    Hi Hookerdw,


    Thank you for posting here in the support community. I am sorry that the charging clip for your headset is currently out of stock. No worries, we'll get this thing resolved by creating a support ticket and I'll make sure that you will be taken care of.


    Feel free to post back in the event that you need further assistance.


    You can also reach us via other channels at


    Best Regards,


    Jaybird Customer Experience


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  • monkey_11000


    I also love my freedom headphones (although I have the first not the new ones) but unfortunately the charging clip was lost when I moved. I really would like to get back to using my headphones again. If possible I would also love to know how to buy a new clip.


    Thanks, Molly


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  • Think1

    I just lost my charging clip too. Therefore, I am interested to know what followup you have received from Jaybird_Axel or anyone else from Jaybird because the clip still is listed as unavailable.

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  • Hookerdw
    Patience. Said they will manufacture again. You can buy a replacement on eBay, but price is what you’d pay for a lessor brand but simple usb recharging system.
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  • AndreyMarkovytch2451

    I would like to purchase recharging clip too. When are you guys going to manufacture those ?

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