Automatically activate MySound?



  • bbrac

    Yes they should pair automatically



    1. Make sure your X3’S have been paired to your listening device. This needs to be done through your devices Bluetooth Settings.


    2. Make sure your X3’s are turned on.


    3. Open the MySound app and 'scanning' will appear at the bottom of the screen.

    If 'No headphones connected' is displayed, please wait and MySound will search again after about 10 seconds.


    4. It may take 2-3 'scanning' cycles (30 seconds) for your X3’s to connect to the MySound app.


    5. Once connected the battery icon and headphone name will appear at the bottom of the app.


    6. So we can improve this experience for you, the developers would like to know what OS you are on and if you have any other Jaybird products in the same room as you?


  • jstengren

    They've been paired. I went straight into Spotify to play music, then went into the MySound app and it said the headphones were disconnected. Once they connected, things worked fine. Will continue to monitor.

  • bbrac

    @Jason Stengren Perfect, please keep us updated on how that works. 


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