Bluebud X have gone haywire



  • ponshoelizondo

    I have the exact same problem and coincidentally started today (I noticed about 15 mins ago)

  • Drewliu

    Just FYI, I contacted support and since we’re beyond the one year warranty timeframe there isn’t anything they’ll do except offer a 15% discount on a future purchase. I copied their response below:


    We regret to inform you that after carefully reviewing the information provided; we have to decline the replacement of your product since the original device is currently out of warranty. 

     Please be informed that we only have 1 year warranty for the earphones and additional 1 year if the issue is sweat related. 


    We apologize for the inconvenience. At this time, the only thing we can offer is a 15% discount code to thank you for being a Jaybird Fan. Thank you for your kind understanding! 


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