Don't ever order with Jaybird, they won't update you on your order or give you any support!



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  • Lucas

    I ordered some Tarah Pro's 10816958204, very happy I may get them one day. I contacted support and they told me it was backordered but would be "back in stock" yesterday. I was very surprised a product I bought "in stock" was not in stock which pissed me off. Support told me they would do their best and got 3 people on the line for the Europe support... I expected then some action, maybe some good news... I noticed my ordered was still not sent and I even asked support if it was finally restocked but they told me "we cannot be sure, we just know it's restocked today"... I then expected today for a tracking number, still nothing!! The order should have been already at my door steps today at minimum and I doubt it will be even here next tuesday. Seeing how bad their services are, I can expect my order to be here in 2019, far later than Christmas WHEN I ORDERED ON THE 8TH, WAY IN ADVANCE! THIS IS THE WORST ESHOP IVE EVER BEEN TO AND I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM JAYBIRD EVER AGAIN.


    Stay away from their company and their website, run!


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