I've read a number of questions on the discussion page asking the same question. "Where is my order?"




  • Xenocity

    While it's understandable the demand for the headphones are high, a number of us have received emails stating the headphones would be available 10/10/17. This type of communication would indicate that our product is being shipped or at least packaged.


    8 days later and no email, confirmation or tracking number. This is disappointing. Instead of telling us to contact customer service, please just be honest and let us know what is going on? If you need to cancel our pre-orders and tell us to go to best buy because you need to meet contractual requirements, fine. I'll still buy the headphones but by not providing honest updates you are ruining your reputation.


    Answers appreciated.

  • Madi

    Hi there!


    We are very sorry for the delay with your order. We recently opened a new warehouse and we are experiencing an internal issue that has caused a delay on some shipments. Unfortunately, your order was one of these orders. We are working around the clock to fix this issue and are treating it with the highest priority. Again we apologize for the delays experienced and we’ll be shipping units out as soon as possible.


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