The voice prompts on Freedom headphones are EXTREMELY EAR-SPLITTINGLY LOUD and I can't turn them down. Help!




  • emmakaylyn

    Got the answer from Christopher on the support chat, see below.




    Not going to be fixed ever because the hardware cannot support any firmware changes they try to make. So if you're reading this and it's a dealbreaker for you too, time to give up on the Jaybird Freedom earbuds.

  • emmakaylyn


    Christopher John D (12/26/2017, 2:24:13 PM): Hello! Thank you for reaching out to Jaybird Support. I will be with you in a moment. 

    Christopher John D (12/26/2017, 2:25:56 PM): Hi, how can i assist you today? 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:29:28 PM): Hello! 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:29:41 PM): The voice prompt volume on my Freedom ear buds is extremely high 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:29:50 PM): I need to lower that volume, or I cannot use these headphones 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:30:04 PM): Do you know how to lower the voice prompt volume? (On/off/low battery, etc) 

    Christopher John D (12/26/2017, 2:31:00 PM): I regret to inform you but it cannot be lower down, the volume of the voice prompt is fixed on the device 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:31:14 PM): Is there absolutely no way this will be lowered in the future? 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:31:21 PM): Firmware update? 

    Christopher John D (12/26/2017, 2:32:26 PM): Unfortuantely its the device limited capibility 

    Christopher John D (12/26/2017, 2:32:46 PM): The hardware part can not support volume control for the voice prompt 

    Christopher John D (12/26/2017, 2:32:56 PM): Would there be anything else? 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:33:15 PM): Okay, well thank you for the help. There are some open topics on the discussion board that could be closed if someone from Jaybird would tell these people that. 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:33:20 PM): No nothing else, thank you. 



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