Status announcements too loud



  • cons013

    Ok so it worked flawlessly on my mac, if you have a mac then use it. Not sure why the windows version is so broken

  • milledorge

    @Connor Smith-Birch?  does the firmware fix this issue?

  • deltab

    Any update on this? Still way too loud on my X3s.

  • MariusMessiah

    Yeah, did the update fix the volume? Still sounds too loud to me on my Freedoms. Did “that same head of product-person” reluctantly turn the volume slightly down, or what... 😒

  • atmoskidd

    Did a firmware update and the announcements are quieter, but now they won't pair properly with my computer! Ridiculous how much trouble I am having with these things.

  • Marc not Mark

    I remember when I first heard the headphone announcements blare out when I first got them....Heart skipped a beat!! 😆 I was afraid to wear them to bed the first couple of night purely because I knew that if the lady screamed at me in the night saying my battery was low I would've jumped out of my skin.


    Kinda got used to it by now though.😅

  • viacom

    Bruce! can we please get a software update to get rid of the sounds and beeps! I hate them.



  • Joanneupstairs

    I have to chime in here. Between the issues I have with the battery clips and the loud notifications, these earbuds (Freedom) are just not even close to being worth what I paid for them. I can't believe they haven't fixed this yet. If you are reading this and are considering buying them, DON'T! ?


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