Jaybird X2


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  • Dragout

    Looks like this is an ongoing issue, ( along with numerous other issues if you read all the other posting’s ! ). I’ve got to admit, I’m really disappointed with how this has turned out. I bought my X2’s a while ago and have had some good use from them. So far, so good but I bought them after a lot of research into, ‘ Which were the best Bluetooth earbuds ?’. At the time, the Jaybirds came out on top. I was prepared to pay the price for what appered to be ‘ premium earbuds ‘ , so this is what niggles so much. Why, after having no problems pairing with all my devices , should they suddenly fail to pair with any device at all ????

    So basically it comes down to this…I’ll never buy Jaybird again, ( despite all the marketing hype ! ). I’ve replaced the X2’s with a pair of Optima BE Live5’s, and am more than happy with them. They cost the same as a pair of Tarah earbuds but so far , no problems.

    Jaybird … sort yourselves out !

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