Drivers Needed for X3 with Windows 7?



  • respa

    Hi IB192912,


    I am sorry to hear that you have a connectivity issue with regards to your Jaybird X3 and to your Bluetooth dongle.


    Have you successfully connect your Jaybird X3 to other music devices? If yes, Please contact the manufacturer of the Bluetooth dongle and confirm if the dongle is Bluetooth audio compatible. We would like to inform you that Jaybird X3 Bluetooth version is 4.1 though it is backward compatible, most of the lower version of Bluetooth is not compatible with the newest and higher version


    Lets try to do a factory reset and let us know if this resolves your issue.


    1) Turn headphones off 

    2) Put headphones into Pairing mode (hold middle button for 6-8 seconds until it says, ""Searching for your Music Device"") 

    - Headphones will flash red and green 

    3) Once in Pairing Mode, push the middle button twice. The lights will flash red and turn off. 

    4) Delete the Bluetooth profile from your phone or music device. 

    5) Pair phone and headset again with middle button. 


    Feel free to post back in the event that you need further assistance.


    Best regards,



  • J J

    Followed steps and I have the same issue

  • filmico

    Same Here! I am using this USB Bluetooth dongle that works with all in windows 7 but Jaybird Freedom x2 are not working.



    Same issue as the one posted by B192912. The device is recognized but half


    JayBird way and you can see it in the screen shot.


    Please, we need drivers for windows 7 as it is not working because of that!!

    Kind Regards


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