• Engelbert

    Hi Steven1980,


    It is sad to hear that you are not able to find a replacement charging clip for your Jaybird headset. I'll be glad to help you with the concern.


    I would like to know the model of your Jaybird headset. Based on the link that you provided, the charging clip that you posted is for Jaybird Freedom which I regret to say is not yet available in United Kingdom.


    If you have the Jaybird X3, then that is not the charging clip for your headset. That specific accessory of the Jaybird X3 is not available for individual orders, however, you can get it by purchasing the Jaybird X3 Accessory Pack (


    Hope this information helps.


    Warm regards,


  • Solita
    Hi there i have the same issue and have been unable to source a charging clip for the X3 model in New Zealand. I'm super disapointed that I can't use them anymore. Also the clip picture above doesn't seem to have the USB connection which came with the original headphones. How does one order these to New Zealand ?

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