Freedom Malfunctioning due to sweat



  • Madi

    Hi there,


    We're sorry to hear that your headphones have stopped working and we'd love to help you out. I can offer you advice to troubleshoot the issue, have you tried charging from a different power source and with a different charging cable? Another thing I can recommend is that you let the headphones dry out after each workout before plugging them in to charge. 

    Jaybird headphones have a one year warranty, so if these troubleshooting tips do not work we will be glad to assist you with getting those replaced! Please contact our support team at:





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  • KeithA

    Same here.  I've gone thru three sets with that same result.  The last set lasted a while longer due to me wrapping ceran wrap around the control unit during my runs this summer.  Thought once the weather cooled, it would be fine to try without wrapping up, but the last set stopped working this last week.  Real shame too as I was very happy with the fit and sound.  


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  • 1verson

    I also have the same problem. When I was running today, it suddenly stopped working due to sweat. Is there anyway that I could dry them off or something?

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