Charging my brand new Bluebuds X for the first time ever, no light displaying (red or green) and won't turn on despite being plugged in overnight. Tried charging through a PC and Mac with no luck? Are these defective out of the box??



  • Logi_Bruce

    Hi Wallstreet2019,


    I am sorry to hear that your Bluebuds X won't charge. I can assure that this is not the behavior and performance expected from the product. Please try these suggestions that can help to resolve the issue of your headset:


    - Computers are the best and safest method, as is anything 1 AMP or less.

    - Try a different power source/charger

    - Car chargers produce a much greater power supply and should be avoided.

    - Over-charging the battery will quickly reduce the life of the headphones, so in addition to monitoring the power supply, limit the charge time to 2 hours,

    - To get the most out of your battery it is recommended to charge the buds when the low battery status is indicated.

    - Avoid charging your headphones after exposure to sweat.

    - Make sure charging port/cradle is clear of any debris.


    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at


    Warm Regards,


    Jaybird Customer Experience


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  • Wallstreet2019
    Thanks for the quick response. It appears that the charging cord that came in the original box is defective, I was able to use a UBS cord with a similar jack to charge the Bluebuds X. They appear to be working now.
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