LIFETIME Warranty doesn't mean LIFETIME???



  • respa

    Hi SC288556 


    I'm sorry for the inconvenience that you experience with the product and regret that we are unable to process a replacement due to the product is already out of warranty. Please be advised that we only offer a 1 year limited hardware warranty starting from the date of purchase.


    Also any damage created due to perspiration or moisture under normal wear and tear during activity is covered for the lifetime of the headset. The headset has an average 120-charge cycle, which correlates to 2 years. .


    We appreciate you for being a loyal jaybird fan and to help you out further, I'll check your case here to provide you more information.


    Best Regards




  • Steven S.

    Yeah I just called customer support and found out the same thing. I'm pissed as well. Don't promote something as LIFETIME if it's not. That's dirty pool in my book and they've just lost ANOTHER customer.

  • Steven S.

    One more thing: the customer rep I just spoke to was only able to offer me a 15% discount coupon (a "one-time" courtesy, I'm told -- gee, thanks) for a future purchase on their website. In comparison, I've dealt with companies like V-Moda which offer something called Immortal Life Program which allows you to replace the same item after warranty for 50 PERCENT OFF!!! (Westone does that, too -- I should know, because I was able to get a pair of $300.00 earbuds for $150.00 from them.)


    So, take note, Jaybird..... THAT'S how you keep a customer!!!!!!


  • JahVee
    I just emailed jbird about my cable that is peeling. I got the same shit answer as the other customers above. I've actually recommended jbird to friends in the past. NEVER AGAIN. JBird I paid $140 bux for my buds on Amazon, an authorized dealer. You offer me a 30% off coupon? You can keep it! It would cost you all of $12 bux to replace the wire on my headset. Instead you lost lose a costumer over a stupid cable? I wouldn't take these faux lifetime warranty buds if you were giving them away. One thing I don't stand for is being jerked around. False advertisement. Tell your lawyers to draft better language for your product. I'll wait for the class action suit to get my money back. Cheers guys!
  • BS681491

    I barely used my BlueBuds, they were a backup as I also had a different brand that was less expensive and held up better when I was running. Oh well.....

  • DrSP

    WHAT THE F! This makes sense now. I bought my X3s in Nov 2016. I had to get them warrantied because the battery wouldn't hold a charge anymore. RMA didn't finish until Jan 2018...I was pretty happy then. Now my replacement headphones don't hold a charge anymore either! Absolutely garbage!

  • Ryanmoore

    Yup. Just had the same issue with 2 pairs. Both had same issues as complained about online. Promised a return then offered only 15%. Great sound... For a while? Awful company?


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