Lifetime Sweat Warranty?



  • Engelbert

    Hi EO486732,


    Thank you for sharing your review and feedback towards the warranty of the Bluebuds X.


    We are sorry to hear that the warranty against sweat of the product did not meet expectations and will make sure that your thoughts and insights reach the appropriate team here in Jaybird.


    Warm regards,


  • Mr. Unko

    @Engelbert Bautista? so, what response did you get if I may ask?

  • EO486732

    They responded that they offer a 1 year limited hardware warranty starting from the date of purchase. Also any damage created due to perspiration or moisture under normal wear and tear during activity is covered for the lifetime of the headset. The headset has an average 120-charge cycle, which correlates to 2 years.

    They declined to offer replacement since 2 years from the original purchase had passed.


  • Patrick Boston

    That is laughable and pathetic. 120 charge cycles? I use my earbuds everyday as I work. I work alone and overnight most of the time so I use my headphones a ton. This is why i decided after the 5th pair this year I threw out to spend a little extra on some that would last. Very disappointing to see they are expected to last 5 or 6 months tops.

  • Jench

    EO486732 - I have the EXACT same experience, going from Bluebuds X to the X2's. When they offered me an upgrade to the X2's, I asked what the point was, if they too would be prone to sweat damage. The answer I got was, "Don't worry about it because they have a lifetime sweat guarantee and you can just exchange them again if you have the same fault".

    I wasn't really satisfied with this answer, but it didn't seem like they were willing to refund my purchase, so that was the next best option.

    No here we are, about two years later, and sure enough, my X2's have died again due to sweat damage.

    So far they have refused to replace them, claiming that my warranty has lapsed. I didn't know a lifetime warranty could lapse!


    As far as the 120-charge cycle is concerned, I have never heard that until now. So, if you were to use your X2's daily till the battery were drained everyday, they would only last 4 months? That is absurd, and I would have NEVER purchased them in the first place had I known that.


    Patrick Boston - curious to know what you ended up buying instead. I will say the X2's had excellent sound quality, despite their apparent lack of robustness.


  • CorsairNoddy

    I've had the same issue, just sent this email to the support team now.




    ?Hello Frankie


    I've just now hung up the phone, after a lengthy call with the ACCC.


    According to the ACCC, I'm within my rights to have this product replaced, as the product is not of acceptable quality. This is nothing to do with the warranty at this stage. Though I'm happy to take that route if required.

    "Before lodging a complaint with the Department of Fair Trading, their website states Please contact the Retailer or Supplier about your complaint before you complete this form"

    So I'm contacting you now, and asking you escalate this to your line manager, so that I may discuss with them in detail my complaint. Please note I still have the original packaging from my original headphones. The below photo is not mine, but I can produce one for you just like it.

    Should your line manager wish to contact me directly on my phone, that is also welcome.

    I look forward to hearing back from you shortly, as I would like to have this product replaced.

    Kind Regards,


  • Jench

    Mark, happy to chat about this off the forum if you want to email me.

  • CorsairNoddy

    Thank you.



  • Sabbathiel

    Same here. "you get what you pay for? that's not the case anymore. these are made in China. just like Razer all quality down Hill... I'm not blaming China, I can buy High quality wireless headset for 10USD. and the quality is Much better. BlueBud x no updates No firmware...


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