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  • Engelbert

    Hi BF858669,


    Thank you for purchasing one of our Jaybird headset and for being part of the support community.


    You are correct that Jaybird headsets can be used while charging. It's also the same with other electronic device that runs in rechargeable batteries. However, we strongly recommend not to use the headset while charging as this can shorten the battery life and affect or decrease the operation time of the headset.


    It would be best to leave the headset charging for 2.5 hours while it is powered OFF and not in use.


    Hope this answers your question.


    Warm regards,


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  • Amighty

    That makes sense for the X3 I guess - but how about for the Freedoms? Aren't they designed to be used while the second battery is attached? Or have I been ruining the battery by using them while the battery clip is on?

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