Sweat-proof lifetime warranty



  • bbrac

    @Rachel Chua I am sorry for the delay of service that you have received. I will go ahead and respond to that case for further help. 

  • LR108572
    I am the same. I've had mine for nearly 3.5 years and they literally just stopped working last week while I was in Zumba. Can I get a new pair due to the lifetime sweat warranty?
  • CorsairNoddy

    misleading and deceptive conduct - not of acceptable quality.


    Hello Frankie


    I've just now hung up the phone, after a lengthy call with the ACCC.


    According to the ACCC, I'm within my rights to have this product replaced, as the product is not of acceptable quality. This is nothing to do with the warranty at this stage. Though I'm happy to take that route if required.

    "Before lodging a complaint with the Department of Fair Trading, their website states Please contact the Retailer or Supplier about your complaint before you complete this form"


    So I'm contacting you now, and asking you escalate this to your line manager, so that I may discuss with them in detail my complaint. Please note I still have the original packaging from my original headphones. The below photo is not mine, but I can produce one for you just like it.

    Should your line manager wish to contact me directly on my phone, that is also welcome.

    I look forward to hearing back from you shortly, as I would like to have this product replaced.

    Kind Regards,


  • Leandre

    Hey @Mark Hardy? , were you ever able to get your problem resolved with Jaybird? I have a very similar problem as well. I purchased the Bluebuds X largely in part because of their lifetime warranty against sweat. The earbuds have failed me as well and Jaybird has not honored their warranty; they only offered a discount on a new purchase. Please let me know what you were able to find out. Thanks.

  • CorsairNoddy

    Yep, same deal with me. Completely f#$&^ed over by Logitech and Jaybird. They say the lifetime support is for the lifetime of the headphones, then adding that the battery should only last 2-3 years, which is complete rubbish. The battery is fine with my headphones, though they are not working as advertised. They are faulty and drop out often (several times a minute) when tied behind my head. My headphones were not even 3 years old. Absolute rubbish product and rubbish company. I'll never buy from them again.


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