Is there any way to lower the volume of the loud voice prompts (connected, on, off) and the beeping when volume goes too low?




  • scott456

    @Ty2 Uhhh, this is a known issue (volume when connecting or battery low) and longstanding. I'd return them while you still have the chance.

  • emmakaylyn



    I am beyond disappointed that these headphones have this longstanding issue that seems like it will never be fixed. How can this be so hard? Give me access to the firmware code and I will push the update myself for christ's sake.


    These headphones are absolutely useless due to this one issue; I cannot have them blasting my eardrums every time I push a button. The app is great, the silicone fins are great, the fit is great, the music sound quality is great, but HOLY CRAP WHY CAN I NOT TURN DOWN/OFF THE VOICE PROMPTS? Who were your QA testers, I think you need to have them go to the doctor and get their ears checked before they test your next round of products. Seriously unusable.


    Also of note, I have been waiting for an "available agent" in the app support for quite some time. It just sits there, loading. I got these headphones for Christmas and it's incredibly disappointing that what seems to be a good product has lacking customer support at best.



  • IC180600
    Just returned them and buy something else while you still can... It looks like this problem won't be fixed and Jaybird staff won't even bother to update us... Where their focus&money go is marketing and sales department. Apparently they don't care about the customers who already bought their products...
  • emmakaylyn

    Got the answer everyone! Thanks Christopher John D from the chat support.


    Just give up on this everyone, not going to be fixed because it can't be fixed.

  • emmakaylyn

    Transcript in case you can't read the screenshots:

    Christopher John D (12/26/2017, 2:24:13 PM): Hello! Thank you for reaching out to Jaybird Support. I will be with you in a moment. 

    Christopher John D (12/26/2017, 2:25:56 PM): Hi, how can i assist you today? 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:29:28 PM): Hello! 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:29:41 PM): The voice prompt volume on my Freedom ear buds is extremely high 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:29:50 PM): I need to lower that volume, or I cannot use these headphones 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:30:04 PM): Do you know how to lower the voice prompt volume? (On/off/low battery, etc) 

    Christopher John D (12/26/2017, 2:31:00 PM): I regret to inform you but it cannot be lower down, the volume of the voice prompt is fixed on the device 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:31:14 PM): Is there absolutely no way this will be lowered in the future? 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:31:21 PM): Firmware update? 

    Christopher John D (12/26/2017, 2:32:26 PM): Unfortuantely its the device limited capibility 

    Christopher John D (12/26/2017, 2:32:46 PM): The hardware part can not support volume control for the voice prompt 

    Christopher John D (12/26/2017, 2:32:56 PM): Would there be anything else? 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:33:15 PM): Okay, well thank you for the help. There are some open topics on the discussion board that could be closed if someone from Jaybird would tell these people that. 

    Me (12/26/2017, 2:33:20 PM): No nothing else, thank you. 


  • scott456

    Unfortunate product. I wish someone would let the sales people at point of purchase in on the product issues.

  • JamesJX3


    @Emma Fickel?  There is already hardware volume control built in, so the rep is not accurate. Think about personal EQ sounds offered via the smartphone app. The phone app already pushes different sounds users create to the earbuds.Additionally the ability to control volume is in the controller just like turning it on and off. The fix could/would be a firmware update or in the app. To support this statement I propose 3 options to resolve it.

    1) The voice prompts could be re-recorded at a lower volume and sent to the buds via a firmware update.

    2) A software voice filter to lower the volume could be uploaded via firmware.

    3) Add a Jaybird smartphone application setting to the app to allow for smartphone software controlled voice prompts versus the hardware built-in prompts. The phone already pushes the different sound equalizers to the earbuds.

  • emmakaylyn
    Hey James, If this is not a hardware issue and could be fixed by a firmware update, why has that not happened in an entire year? If the rep is wrong and it is possible, Jaybird has sent a message loud and clear that they don't care and won't fix it. The voice prompts could be stored on the device in such a way that they cannot be altered by firmware updates. I'm not gonna try to reverse engineer the buds to find out lol. Honestly it no longer matters to me. Jaybird is not going to fix it, whether they can or can't. That's my conclusion. :/
  • ME137444
    I’ve ditched mine and got a store exchange for another brand. Much happier. Sound quality isn’t quite as good but charging is quicker & easier and no infuriating sounds blasting in my ears
  • yonsing

    Please fix this issue. I use them in the night while i try to sleep, and the alert telling me that remains 20% of battery is fu**ing scary, in any time i will have a heart attack.

  • Tell_Me_less

    This Is a serious problem that needs fixing, I would recommend these head phones any day if it wasn't for this issue.


    Jaybird - Please address this!

  • nonameI

    You can always sue the company for hearing loss while using the device as instructed. #Accountability

  • rrajjuri

    I was so excited when I first got these headphones (mostly for the sound app and quality) that I bought them for 4 family members as well and not one of them was using the headphones bc of the fucking beeps.


    I personally am so disappointed by Jaybird's response to this, I'm throwing away all the headphones and buying my family Marshall headphones this year and an "I'm sorry for giving you hearing loss last year" gift.


    I went from being a vocal advocate for JB to hating them. Great customer retention.

  • VNShah

    @Rami Ajjuri?  You do realise that there is a firmware update to fix this issue?!

    There is at least on the X3's. It came out a month ago.

  • rrajjuri

    @V Shah? , can you share it? That's be great but my hopes aren't high at the moment. Thanks.

  • VNShah

    @Rami Ajjuri? , simple answer, No. I'm not your mother, so go and do it yourself. Not that hard to find a support page or use Google.

  • rrajjuri

    @V Shah? hahahha what a dick.

    First, my mom doesn't post a lot of firmware updates on tech forums.


    Second, if you're talking about the 1.4.1 update, but was buggy and didn't work last month when I tried it on windows or mac, but I'll give it another shot with some of the suggestions from the thread.


    And third, not sure why you are so offended seeing as how it's quite customary to share links on support threads..


    but it's cool - thanks again, jackass.

  • audrex

    Hi there,

    For Freedom buds (only Freedom, not Freedom 2 unfortunately), you can see this post and its answer:

    In the answer there is a link to the instructions for a firmware update. I share this link here too:

    This update does not enable the control of the volume or the removal of intro music and voice, but at least the volume is lower. I actually tried it, it worked, and the volume is lower (not much, but lower for sure).





  • Julie Win

    So... 3 years later this is still a problem. I can't believe nothing has been done about it. I have the latest jaybird vista and can confirm the multiple languages and tone options all hurt my ears. Stop with the useless features and just turn the freaken volume down. I expect it of the cheap bluetooth devices, but not when I'm paying $300. Up your game, these are not cheap ear buds I got off wish.


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