Freedoms turning off




  • Madi

    Hi there, 


    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Freedom headphones. We recommend that you try a hard reset to see if this issue can be solved. To reset your Freedoms:


    Power the headphones on and hold the power button until the buds go into pairing mode. The LED will be flashing red/green once in pairing mode.


    Now double tap the power button to reset the buds. They will power off and are now reset. You will need to delete the buds from your music device(s) and repair them to all devices. Make sure they are charged up and give them a try. 


    If this does not solve your issue please contact our customer support at:



    We will be happy to assist you further! 

  • Combover

    Thank you!


    I will try this out and see if it solves the issue :)

    I have another question. The clip that u attach to your shirt, to keep the cable in place, got broken the other day, where can i get one of those?



  • Madi

    At this time we do not have the shirt clips available in our online store. If you are within the US, we will be happy to send you a shirt clip. Please respond to the email I sent, if you don't see anything in your inbox check your junk/spam folders. 


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