How to get a jaybird x3 replacement charger in Australia



  • Logi_Bruce

    Hello Luwilso,


    Thank you for joining the community, I am sorry to hear that you lost your Jaybird X3 charging clip. Here is the link where you can order a replacement from:



    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at


    Warm Regards,


    Jaybird Customer Experience


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  • Stikxx

    Hey Luwilso

    That's a broken link, PAGE NOT FOUND



    But it doesn't matter, because you CANT buy that product from anywhere if your Australian (Apart from 3rd party Ebay Amazon etc, for ridiculous prices), it's bloody appalling, Jaybird have no intention of supporting Australians, if you did, this X3 charger accessory pack would be available to purchase on the AUSTRALIAN website!!!!!! IT IS NOT.


    Yet again another Ivory Tower company, with really no finger on their customer pulse. All the glitzy promo shots of smiling happy runners on the website, but NO PIKS of the many UNHAPPY customers who CANNOT purchase replacement parts in AUSTRALIA!!


    We are sooooo sick of hearing your lame scripted BS replies such as "We are sad to hear....." I mean SERIOUSLY, just frikkin make parts available at a reasonable price or you WONT have a customer base to sell ANYTHING to!! 


    I was directed to the Australian website to buy a Jaybird X3 replacement kit, only to go through all the billing info, then addressing, only for a popup to say "We are not able to supply to this region"......WHEN ITS AN AUSTRALIAN WEBSITE AND ADDRESS.


    Please Jaybird, if the first thing you type is..we are sad to hear, I will literally vomit on my keyboard (That's if you even reply).


    My god you infuriate me, and just as may others have said, I / we as a family of 25+ extended family who discuss stuff like this at dinner...will NEVER be purchasing a jaybird product again. Just went on the following competitors website for replacement chargers, these ALL had them available to Australia, BOSE, JLAB, SENNHEISER, I am sure if I keep looking there will be more.


    I know for sure this message will not get me, or the many complaints before me anywhere, but after trying this simple task to purchase a charger from one of YOUR products, and NOT being able to buy it from YOUR AUSTRALIAN website, I am pissed off, again, like others before me!


    Signed............NEVER BUY JAYBIRD


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  • Shannon Brereton


    I am hoping there is a resolve here??

    I too am in Australia and need a new charger desperately.

    JAYBIRD can you help us out??? 

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