How to lower power/battery level notification volume



  • Engelbert

    Hi jujubee,


    Thank you for purchasing the Jaybird X3. I'm sad to hear that the audio notifications of the headset did not meet your expectations.


    I regret that the headset and its app does not have the option or feature that can lower the volume of the notifications.


    I'll be sure to forward your thoughts and insights to the appropriate team here in Jaybird.


    Feel free to post back for any other concerns or questions.


    Warm regards,


  • PiggiePasta
    Hi, I also have the same problem - the announcement is way too loud. It would be great if it could be adjusted via the app. Thanks!
  • KieranB
    Same problem. Scares the s*** out of me every time. Love the product but I wouldn't consider upgrading if I knew there next gen had the same issue.
  • HL147105

    I've been complaining about this issue since about a year ago. They say the same BS every time. No, they won't fix it.

  • Joanneupstairs

    Same thing with the Freedom buds. I bought these to sleep with so I can drown out my husband's snoring and then I get woken up by the damn battery notifications! 😡

  • Myk Martinez

    In this day and age this is such poor design and customer service. I will not upgrade to another pair from this company for that reason. That’s a sad statement because the earphones sound great and are a quality build. But I agree with the customers above. The volume of the warnings Scares the hell out of me.... you really can’t fix this? How about send us all a free upgrade with the problem solved? 

  • Vic

    3 years later and they still didn’t fix this. Well THAT‘S great customer service I’d say 👍🏻


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