Had to get 5 X3 replacements so far...



  • kimgab

    Beware, your warranty is only good for your original purchase date. Jaybird will stop replacing defective replacements immediately after your 2 years expire. so enjoy them until then. They will die again!? What an unbelievably lame policy.

  • DanieL07

    Mind sharing how you got a replacement? I sent an email through the support site but no response from anyone. I just bought my X3 about 2 weeks ago and now it cannot last more than 2 hours on a full charge.? Sometimes my phone shows it at 80% but when i press the volume button they will announce 40% or something lower than 80%.

  • timeknight

    ya, i am in the same boat. I had X2's that broke. Since they are not making those anymore i got a replacement X3's. The first X3 lasted less than 30 days, now i have a second X3 replacement and after about 90 days its dead. I think i am now beyond the 2 years of my original purchase so I may be our of luck.


    Guess its time to start looking for a new pair of running headphones.


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