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  • higgi257

    Update: I finally had to call the company (3 weeks later) to find that I had somehow "slipped through the cracks". They decided that they would send me a new pair, but it would not be warrantied because it was a replacement pair and not the originally purchased pair (which only lasted 9 months before having the same problem that I am currently having). I decided at that point it was not worth the hassle and not acceptable to not have a warranty with the headphones that I used the best buy extended warranty that I purchased with the headphones (side note: 100% recommend getting, far better than any manufacturers warranty) and was able to exchange them for a different brand. I will never purchase anything from this company again and would encourage anyone else to do the same.

  • techimposter


    ?Warranty Registration is not available to customers from Jaybird. This page offers a misleading notice:


    Finding information online, in 2018, about JAYBIRD “support” and LOGITECH “support” about jaybird is horrendous and a sick joke.


    Post from February 10, 2017. -- “We no longer have product registration available. If you have a copy of your receipt we can add the purchase info into your Jaybird account. This is very similar to a registration process and allows you to not worry about hanging on to the receipt incase you may need future support. Please let me know if you still have your receipt and I will be glad to get an account set up with your purchase details.

    Thanks for being a Jaybird fan!”


    LOGITECH OWNS JAYBIRD, however, Jaybird products do not result after a search for “Jaybird”. You can register your product on the logitech site, since LOGITECH OWNS JAYBIRD.

    To register your Jaybird you must know the Serial Number and create an account.

    1. Serial Number- Found on product box OR if you download the Jaybird app and connect your earbuds (I have the x3) the Serial Number will appear. COPY YOUR SERIAL NUMBER because it disappears after closing the app. I delete the app. It's useless to me.
    2. Account - Use this link:
    3. If your Jaybird “support” account gets you into the “support” page. Good. If you must create an account, do so. (Warning: my location is set to Hong Kong for some reason, and editing my profile doesn't work. may be an issue for you.)
    4. Warranty Registration - Once your account is created, you can enter your Serial Number and ONLY THEN will Jaybird products be an option. Use this link to go directly to the registration page: a copy of a receipt is wanted but optional to upload during registration)
    5. Hope my struggle to find information helps you. My new battle will be a working replacement now that my x3 refuse to work. Still battling to get what I paid for. Grrr...?

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